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About the Root Canal Treatments

Los Angeles Endodontics – Root Canal Treatments

Consultation and Diagnosis:

During the intial visit, we will perform thorough examination to diagnose the exact nature of the problem, and will discuss causation, treatment options, sequence, and course of healing.

Endodontic Treatment:

Endodontic treatments involves cleaning, shaping, and sealing the canals inside the roots of teeth.  This can usually be accomplished by a small opening made through the chewing surface of the tooth.  Occasionally a more advanced in office, surgical approach may be recommended, which requires the roots to be treated through a small incision in the gum tissue. 

Follow Up To "Root Canal Treatment":

After the completion of treatment in our office, a follow up visit is necessary by your dentist, to complete the restoration of the tooth.  We will make the appropriate recommendations regarding follow up visits depending on the procedure performed.

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